Annual Giving

The Annual Giving program at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School is a vital source of financial support that helps the school maintain its operations and provide an excellent education to its students. Annual Giving not only covers bills but also plays a significant role in attracting bright and motivated students, recruiting outstanding faculty, offering a comprehensive curriculum, and maintaining the school’s campus.

St. Andrew’s relies on support from a wide range of individuals and groups, including parents, alumni, grandparents, former parents, friends, foundations, board members, faculty, and staff. Annual Giving is crucial for bridging the financial gap between tuition and other income sources and the school’s operating budget. This funding is used for day-to-day needs and is vital for the school’s ongoing operations. 

Donations made through the Annual Giving program are typically tax-deductible, which can provide donors with potential tax benefits. Donors may also have the opportunity to increase the impact of their contributions through employer-sponsored matching gift programs, where employers match or even triple the value of the donation made by their employees.

For more information or for assistance making your donation, please contact the Advancement Office at 504.866.6552 or