Our Philosophy

We believe that each child is a unique individual and that a primary consideration of educators is to provide a child with the necessary understanding, knowledge, and skills to attain maximum potential.

We believe in fostering a desire for learning in a Christian environment. It should be firm but flexible enough to allow for growth in responsibility, in individual self-expression, and in creative ability.

It is our commitment to promote a keen sense of civic responsibility and a mutual respect for and awareness of the feelings and rights of others.


In accordance with the School’s statement of philosophy, we strive:

  • to make education an exciting, challenging, pleasurable experience for every boy and girl:
    • by developing a keen social sensitivity and respect for human personality and for the rights of other people;
    • by supplying the motivation necessary to promote the desire to learn which is inherent in us all;
    • by developing an understanding of the rights and duties of American citizenship and Christian living
  • to foster desirable characteristics of the students’ total educational environment:
    • by making education an active not a passive experience;
    • by involving children totally through active participation;
    • by understanding that children are curious, imaginative, creative human beings.
  • to respect individual differences among children and ways of providing for these differences:
    • by realizing that maximum learning occurs when a child’s self-image is supported by self-respect;
    • by recognizing that children are different from each other and learn differently according to their own abilities, paces, interests, and learning styles;
    • by teaching children in the light of these capacities and abilities.