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Special Thanks

A special THANK YOU to Christina Pappion of Pappion Artistry for generously donating her time and talent to create a custom piece for the SAES Class of 2020. We appreciate the beautiful artwork...

8th Grade Graduation 2020

St. Andrew's Episcopal School celebrated with a socially distant graduation for our 8th Grade students and their families on June 26, 2020. The graduation was very special and will be a day our...

1st Day School Supplies

It's time to order school supplies from 1st Day School Supplies. How many times have you walked into a store at back to school shopping time and say..."That was a great experience!" This year the...

St Andrews is the only choice

St Andrews is the only choice as far as I’m concerned when thinking about where to send my kids in NOLA. As an alumni I can say that attending St Andrews had a monumental affect both on my successful academic career, as well as planting and instilling in me  a deep rooted sense of altruism and community,  that has been monumental in my life today as a healthcare professional. My brother and I often joke as adults that it was like growing up on Sesame St, the best years of our lives, and most cherished memories were those we shared at St Andrews! I’m still friends with most of my class, and teachers for that matter, on Facebook today, and it’s a heartwarming feeling to watch my girls love the school as much as I did!

Liz Gruver '91
SAES Alumn

Discovering St. Andrew’s

Discovering St. Andrew’s was the best thing that happened to our family. The school is a hidden gem – a warm, welcoming and nurturing community. The teachers are loving and attentive. They instill confidence in the children and set them up for success each and every day. My kids find learning fun and look forward to going to school. Each day is a new adventure!

Andrea & Tripp Morris
SAES Parents

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