Middle School

The Middle School curriculum for students in Grades 5–8 is designed to be responsive to our students’ developmental needs and moral development as well as to spark their interests and imaginations. The curriculum is challenging and encourages students to become active participants in the teaching-learning process. We want students to learn, to become intellectually engaged, and to behave as responsible citizens. We expect our students to develop initiative and responsibility so they can reach their potential.

Students are expected to master skills in the core subjects of language arts, math, science and social studies. They become competent users of technology in their studies and continue to build a solid foundation in Spanish. Life skills, health, and physical education classes engage students in learning about themselves, relationships with others, goal-setting, and teamwork. Music and art classes round out the Middle School program. Students attend Chapel and Eucharist on a weekly basis. In addition, students take part in outreach activities in the community through service projects.

Language arts, math, social studies and science are taught daily for at least 60 minutes. Daily physical education classes, two music classes, one life skills class, one extended art class, and three Chapels are offered weekly. Interscholastic athletic teams compete with other schools in the metropolitan New Orleans area. Middle School students have opportunities to enter state and regional competitions in math, science, and geography.

Fifth Grade

Fifth Grade students acquire the necessary skills to transition successfully from the Lower School to the Middle School. The development of organization, study skills, and time management continues throughout the year. Students are encouraged to examine and refine their own learning strategies as they delve into literature, hone writing skills, analyze significant events in American history, and sharpen their mathematical thinking. Students explore Life, Earth, and Physical science topics in the science lab with a specialist science teacher. The goal of the Fifth Grade program is to cultivate active learners that are able to think critically and independently about complex topics. Technology is utilized on a daily basis to enhance instruction and comprehension.

Sixth Grade

As Sixth Graders, students experience a fully departmentalized program. Learning from specialist teachers provides students opportunities to expand their critical thinking as they form connections across subject matter. Technology enables students to gather, synthesize, and analyze information for the variety of presentations and projects they create. As the year progresses, students develop increasingly effective organizational skills and strategies to become competent learners.

Seventh Grade

In the Seventh Grade, students’ coursework deepens the complexity and sophistication of the ideas and connections made across the curriculum. Teachers focus on providing interactive and realistic experiences that help students understand more abstract ideas. Student activities help build confidence, self-discipline, leadership skills, respect, responsibility, life skills, and service learning. Seventh Grade students are given opportunities to serve as positive role models for our younger students.

Eighth Grade

Through the completion of a rigorous course of study in the Middle School, Eighth Graders are confident learners who are prepared for success in their high school years. With opportunities to lead, to be role models, and to work together, the Eighth Grade year is truly a memorable final year in the Middle School experience. To cap off the year, students take a special class trip in the spring to Washington, D. C. or another historic city.

Middle School Curriculum