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*[ ] Indicates year of initial appointment to St. Andrew’s
†Administrative staff

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Berner, Melissa, Pre-Kindergarten Teacher and Preschool Team Leader, *[2018] †

Beverly, Bill, Middle School English Teacher,English Department Chair, Seventh Grade Advisor *[2022]

Bienvenu, Erin, Third Grade Teacher, *[2017]

Bilbe, Jen, Fourth Grade Teacher, *[2015]

Bittner, Sheila, Third and Fourth Grade Associate Teacher, *[2021]

Blanco, Kirenia, Custodian, *[2019]

Blevins, Meg, Lower School Dean of Students; Teacher Support Coordinator, and Director of Technology, *[2011] †

Chester, Ian, Assistant Athletic Director, Physical Education Teacher, Aftercare Teacher , [2021]

Chevez, Sandra, Lead Custodian, *[2022]

Dumouchel, Mignon, Pre-Kindergarten Lead Teacher, *[2022]

Fitzpatrick, Kathryn, Head of School, *[2018] †

Fleming, Charlotte, First Grade Teacher,*[2019]

Fritz, Rebecca, Student Support Coordinator, *[2019]

Foster, Kaya, Second Grade Associate Teacher, Fifth Grade Math and Science Teacher, *[2022]

Fulmer, Amber, Associate Teacher, Kindergarten, *[2021]

Gogreve Gretchen, Fourth Grade Associate Teacher, Assistant Teacher, Redbirds 1  *[2022]

Goldman, Annie, School Counselor and Middle School Life Skills Teacher, *[2019]

Hills, Warren, Maintenance Technician, *[2021]

Johnson, Anna, Librarian, *[2016]

Joseph, Jr., Kevin, Athletic Director and Physical Education Teacher, *[2019]

LaVeau, Stephen, Pre-Kindergarten Floater, *[2018]

Lizarraga, Melissa, Spanish Teacher, *[2019]

Lumpkin, Lori, Kindergarten Teacher, *[2011]

Martin, Stephanie, First Grade Associate Teacher, *[2021]

Missavage, Maureen, Middle School Science Teacher, Science Department Chair, and Sixth Grade Advisor, *[2018]

Morrison, Father Jim, Rector of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, *[2017]

Nason, Renée, Assistant to the Head of School and Registrar, *[2008]

Nicol, Elizabeth, Music Teacher Grades 1-8, Chapel Music, *[2019]

Ourso, Charlotte, First Grade Teacher, *[2019]

Phillips, Libby, Second Grade Teacher *[2022]

Richardson, Scott, Middle School Math Teacher, and Math Department Chair, *[2019]

Sutton, Erica, Aftercare Teacher, *[2010]

Tannnothreat, Belinda, Art Teacher PK4 – Grade 8, *[2021]

Toomey, Jane, Middle School History Teacher, Social Studies Department Chair, and Seventh Grade Advisor, *[2018]

van Alstyne, Brother Todd, Chaplain and Religion Teacher, *[2021]

Waterfield, Tim, Director of Finance and Operations, *[2012] †

Wilcox, Elizabeth, Director of Cardinal After Care, After School Programs and Conference Care, Assistant to Director of Finance, *[2017] 

Witter, Lisa, Director of Enrollment Management & Financial Aid​, *[2008] †

Woods, Jenny, Fifth Grade Advisor, Fifth Grade Language Arts and Math Teacher, and Middle School Dean of Students and Coordinator, *[2017] †

Wuttke, Michelle, Director of Advancement, *[2021]




Barriere, Dawn, Assistant Teacher, Honeybees 2, *[2021]

Bibbins, Klinesha, Lead Teacher, Bluebirds 1, *[2021]

DiVincenti, Josephine, Assistant Teacher, Bluebirds 2 *[2022]

DiVincenti, Steve, Assistant Teacher, Bluebirds 1 *[2022]

Green, Whitney, Lead Teacher, Bluebirds 2, *[2019]

Hills, Keshanda, Lead Teacher, Redbirds 1, *[2021]

Hills, Nicole, Lead Teacher, Tadpoles 2, *[2019]

Kendrick, Summer, Lead Teacher, Honeybees 1, *[2019]

Lemoine, Chloe, Associate Teacher, Bluebirds 1, *[2022]

Merwin, Jazmine, Assistant Teacher, Bluebirds 2, *[2022]

Rimsha, Alexandra, Associate Teacher, Tadpoles 2, *[2022]

Rochon, Lolita, Associate Teacher, Tadpoles 1, *[2013]

Sharp, Kaylin, Assistant Teacher, Honeybees 1, *[2022]

Sicard, Erin, Associate Teacher, Honeybees 2, *[2022]

Sobrino, Jenny, Associate Teacher, Redbirds 1  *[2014]

Tortorich, Ashleigh, Associate Teacher, Bluebirds 2, *[2021]

Washington, Saneka, Assistant Teacher, Tadpoles 2, *[2022]

Washington, Shania, Associate Teacher, Honeybees 1 *[2022}

Wilks, Jillian, Assistant Teacher, Bluebirds 1, *[2021]

Whitney, Amanda, Cottage Director, *[2019]†

Whitney, Tammy, Assistant Teacher, Honeybees 2, *[2022]

Wilkerson, Stephanie, Associate Teacher, Tadpoles 2, *[2021]

Williams, Rasheedah, Assistant Teacher, Honeybees 1, *[2021]

Williams, LaChelle, Lead Teacher, Honeybees 2, *[2022]

Williams, Victoria, Assistant Teacher, Tadpoles 1, *[2022]