Foreign Language

St. Andrew’s celebrates the fact that we live in a multicultural community and works hard to prepare our students to thrive in a diverse city, state, and world. In addition to fostering a greater appreciation for diversity and preparing students for a global marketplace, learning foreign language at an early age can enhance a child’s ability to speak English and encourages a lifelong appreciation for communication. It is in this spirit that St. Andrew’s begins teaching Spanish in pre-kindergarten 3, with classes for every student in pre-kindergarten 3 through Grade 8. Depending on the grade level, students will have Spanish daily, twice a week, three times a week, or 4 times a week.


Working toward mastery in vocabulary and grammar and building skills to read and write Spanish continue in seventh and eighth grades. Listening and speaking skills are emphasized. Conjugation of verbs, reading, listening and participating in conversations in Spanish are integral to each class. Cultural content is interwoven in the study of the language. By emphasizing cultural content, foreign language programs keep the connective thread to the past ever present and help students recognize connections to the world beyond themselves.