Cardinal Traditions

A child’s education at St. Andrew’s is grounded in one-of-a-kind traditions that are also unforgettable learning experiences. Students at every level look forward to projects and performances that challenge them, capture their imaginations, and instill in them a sense of community. Some important traditions at St. Andrew’s include:

Christmas Lessons and Carols Program

Episcopal School Sunday

8th Grade Graduation & Promotion Exercises

Halloween Pumpkin Show

Thanksgiving program (KinderCottage)

Grandparents’ and Special Friends Celebration

Rice Babies (Pre-Kindergarten)

Halloween Parade (Pre-Kindergarten)

Easter Parade (Pre-Kindergarten)

Spring Tea (Pre-Kindergarten)

Huggles (Kindergarten)

Mardi Gras Parade (Kindergarten)

Ice Cream and Alliterations (Kindergarten)

KinderCottage Picnic

Daddies’ and Special Friends Dessert Night (1st Grade)

Reading Buddies (1st and 4th Grade)

Chapel Buddies (2nd and 6th Grade)

School Plays

Hand Bell Choir and Hand Chimes

Science Fair

Middle School Class Trips

End-of-year Play Day and Parties (1st-8th Grades)

Community Service

After School Programs

Co-Ed Flag Football and Soccer

Girls Volleyball

Girls Basketball and Boys Basketball

Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts

Bare Books

Crawfish Boil

March Madness

Weekly Newsletter


Poetry Month

Book Fairs