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St. Andrew’s Cottage

Our Mission and Values

The St. Andrew’s Cottage, a program of St. Andrew’s Episcopal School, exists to offer a quality learning experience and child care to children from families of all income levels in the greater New Orleans area without regard to race, religion, gender, or ethnic origin for admission.

The mission of our larger school community is as follows: St. Andrew’s Episcopal School strives to educate the mind, body and spirit of children by promoting academic excellence and social responsibility in a small, nurturing environment that values faith, reason, and diversity.

To that end, St. Andrew’s Cottage is designed to nurture the development of all children in attendance.  The curriculum is child-driven and will reflect the scholarly literature regarding early childhood enrichment and mental health.  Our goal for each participating child is two-fold: to fulfill his/her potential for intellectual, social, and emotional functioning; and to be prepared to succeed in school and in life.

Program Description

Our year-round early childhood program serves children 18 months to 3 years of age.  The program is open MondayFriday, 7:30 am to 6:00 pm. Nutritious meals for morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack are offered to all children in attendance. Outdoor play is a valued part of each day.Our program is designed to support the total development of young children through high-quality interactions. Through intentionally planned activities and learning center experiences, teachers facilitate the development of cognitive, expressive and receptive communication skills, as well as fine and large motor skills.  In full realization that children learn as much from their interactions with each other, social interaction, play, and small group experiences are a valued part of our curriculum.

Several components work together to create an inspiring and appropriately challenging setting:

-Guiding questions identified by teachers for areas of study each week;

-Carefully selected and intentionally presented materials presented in learning centers with which children can explore, manipulate, and create;

-Books, stories and songs that build depth in relevant topics, areas of interest, and areas of study;

-Whole group experiences that build a shared vocabulary for understanding new concepts;

-Facilitated play experiences that shape pro-social behaviors, including self-regulation techniques, conflict resolution strategies, richer schemas of play, and rich contextual knowledge;

-Language modeling practices that support a growing expressive language in young children;

-A collegial setting among teachers in the program that supports the value of supporting curiosity, exploring concepts deeply, and the continuous growth and learning of adults and children

Parents will receive regular feedback on their child’s interests, friendships, growth and progress and are asked to share information that supports our knowledge of and service to the children in our care.

The faculty of the Cottage view ourselves as partners and collaborators with parents in creating a dynamic and responsive program for children.

Academic Program

Our teachers develop weekly lesson plans that support children’s growth in all domains. The Early Learning Standards of the Louisiana Department of Education guide our planning, teaching and response. Twice a year, teachers meet with parents to discuss the child’s development in communication, gross and fine motor skills, personal-social skills, and problem solving. Together, parents, teachers and leadership set age-appropriate goals that support the child’s learning, with love, compassion and patience.

Waiting Pool List

St. Andrew’s Cottage enrolls students 18 months – 3 years old through our waiting pool.  If you are interested please let us know by completing the waiting pool form at the link below:
As soon as a spot becomes available we will contact you. If you are currently on our waiting  pool list and have not completed the on-line form please reaffirm your interest by completing the form. If you would like to be removed from our Waiting Pool at this time or if you have any questions, please contact Lisa Witter, Director of Advancement, Enrollment & Financial Aid at 504-866-6553. Thank you!


Parents who wish to enroll their children in St. Andrew’s Cottage must complete the on-line waiting pool form: St. Andrew’s Cottage Waiting Pool Form.  If you want  your child to continue at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School for Pre-Kindergarten – 8th Grade parents must formally apply and follow admissions procedures.  Contact the Director of Advancement, Enrollment & Financial Aid at 504-866-6553

Lisa Witter
Director of Advancement, Enrollment & Financial Aid


Sarah Edgecombe, B.A. and MSW
Director of Early Childhood


St. Andrew’s Cottage
8012 Oak St.
New Orleans, LA 70118
(504) 861-3743