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Board of Trustees

2018-2019 Board of Trustees

Betsy Sterkx, Chair
Eileen “Summer” Black, Vice-Chair
Seth Bosworth, Treasurer
Dotty Suthon, Secretary
Caytee Clark
Mary Garton
Lori Jupiter
Andrew Liles
The Very Reverend David Lowry
Nancy Marshall
Meredith Smith
Myke Yest



The Reverend Jim Morrison, Rector of St. Andrew’s Church

Kathryn Fitzpatrick, Head of School

Jeremie Aubert, Senior Warden of St. Andrew’s Church

 Nichell Terrell, President of the Parents’ Club

Nanak Rai, President-Elect of the Parents’ Club

2018-2019 St. Andrew’s Board Standing Committees:

Committee on Finance (Seth Bosworth, Chair),the duties of which will be to keep the board informed on all matters relating to the finances of the school; to plan and recommend to the Board financial policies; to inspect the books of the school and to require annual audits; to plan and recommend to the Board potential sources of future income and fund raising programs; advise the School as to financial aid policies; and annually to submit to the Board a proposed budget for the School’s operation for the next year.

Committee on Student and Spiritual Life (The Reverend Robert Beazley, Chair), the duties of which will be to consider with the Rector how best all aspects of the life of the School might conform to the aforestated purpose, and that the School is a part of the body of Christ.  The committee will constantly assess the spiritual quality of community life for all faculty, staff, students and parents.

Committee on Governance and Policy Review (Mary Garton, Chair), the duties of which will be focused on the good operation of the board itself:  governance tasks assigned by the Executive Committee; the recruitment and orientation of new members;  and bylaw review.

Committee on Buildings and Property (Andrew Liles, Chair), the duties of which will be to inspect from time to time the physical assets of the School, to see that the same are kept in good repair, to see that adequate and  proper insurance coverage is maintained on School buildings and properties, to consider and make recommendations to the Board relative to the acquisition of property, plans for new buildings, alterations of existing buildings, and the furnishings of such buildings, and periodically to formulate plans for the future growth and expansion of the School’s physical plant.

Committee on Institutional Advancement (Caytee Clark, Chair), the duties of which will be to establish annual advancement goals and initiatives of increasing support and understanding among the School’s key constituencies, to nurture relationships with parents, grandparents, alumni, church members, friends and philanthropic entities, and to support the stakeholders in their work in fund raising, marketing, alumni relations, and communications.

Committee on Diversity (Lori Jupiter, Chair), the duties of which will be to support the School’s commitment to diversity by actively promoting a diverse and inclusive learning environment in which all persons feel welcome and affirmed.